About us

Welcome to the official website of Larnaka Municipal Wind Orchestra.

Larnaka Municipal Wind Orchestra is a fully organised, amateur, wind orchestra, which is based in the town of Larnaka, Cyprus.

The Larnaka Municipal Wind Orchestra is comprised of people of all ages and professions, with a common interest in music. With the help of the Larnaka Municipality, which can always be relied on to support us in every way, we are able to enjoy a Wind Orchestra that runs smoothly, and, staffed by old and new performers, is actively involved in Cyprus's cultural development.

The Wind orchestra rehearses at the Municipal center in Larnaka, where other ensembles also function on a regular basis (Municipal Choir, Municipal Music School and the Municipal Wind Orchestra). The Larnaka municipal Wind Orchestra is the largest Wind orchestra in Cyprus, having 75 players. The participation of the Wind orchestra in concerts both in Cyprus and abroad, has established it as an ensemble of a very high musical standard.

Apart from our regular performances, the Wind Orchestra has also established its success, by giving annual concerts at the Larnaka Municipal Theatre for the past 6 years. The Wind Orchestra has taken on a vast variety of repertoire, some of which is not commonly tackled by wind ensembles, and this has aided to the growing accomplishment of our Wind Orchestra.

The Larnaka Municipal wind orchestra is also involved in the formation of smaller ensembles such as 'Saxophone Quartet' and 'Clarinet Quartet', 'Brass Quintet' and 'Saxophone Choir', which perform in an array of events during the Christmas festivities, and provide our city with a warm Christmas ambiance. Some of our future plans and objectives include the further qualitative development of our ensemble as a whole, as well as the creation of a 'Big Band'.


Leopold GlaznerThe first attempt to establish the Larnaka Municipality Wind Band commensed at the beginning of the last century. For this purpose the Larnaka Municipality invited Leopold Glazner, a self-taught amateur musician and professional photographer to found the Wind Band. Leopold Glazner was a piano and flute player. His successor was Isaiah Kalmanovitz, an excellent and experienced musician born in Russia. From historic records it is believed that the Wind Band was dissembled between the year 1925 and 1926.

Up to 1987 there were other such Bands among others the 'Patriotic Union Band' (1940 - 1950), the '23rd Sea Scouts Band', 'EDON Band' (Left youth party) and finally the 'EΠΑ' football club Band.

In 1987 the mayor of Larnaka Mr. George Christodoulides entrusted to the then Cultural Municipal director George Iacovou to establish the new Municipal Wind Orchestra.

For this purpose the present conductor, Mr. Andreas Andreou, was invited to organize the new Wind Orchestra. The number of members quickly increased to thirty, mostly from former employees of other wind bands. With the arrival of the first instruments in May 1988, there was a further increase in members.

The Larnaka Wind Orchestra is based in Larnaka's Community Centre, a place which also accomodates the 'Larnaka Municipal Choir' and the 'Larnaka Municipal Music School'.

The debut of the new Wind Orchestra was in the parade of the National of 28th of  October in 1988. Since then Wind Orchestra has given a number of significant and scuccessful concerts in Cyprus, Greece and other countries. The Wind Orchestra has also traveled and performed in various occasions to Bulgaria, in Thessaloniki, in Rhodes, Corinth, Athens, Ilioupoli City, Czech Republic, Saint Petersburg, Romania, Hungary.

In the last few years the Wind Orchestra has acquired a regular audience through the annual concerts and events, the most succesful of which being 'Somewhere in the 50s and 60s', 'A Night with Latin Music', 'From the Big Screen' and the most recent one 'Music from 1940 -1980' which after a great demand was performed last November 2008 and again in January 2009.