Our Conductor

Andreas AndreouAndreas Andreou was born in Larnaka in 1955 and at the age of 9 had his first contact with wind instruments by playing the flute and the recorder in his primary school's orchestra.

At the age of twelve he became a wind band member of the football club of "EΠΑ", in which he played the Eb Clarinet. In the meantime he had theory and harmony lessons with Kostas Ioannidis. After having served in the National Guard from 1976 until 1980, he studied at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki where he graduated with the degree of 'Conducting and Arranging for Wind Band' as well as 'Clarinet Performance'.

After having returned to Cyprus he founded the 'Larnaka Music Group' a large music ensemble which included Mixed Four-voice Choir, Mandolin Orchestra and Cantata Singers as well as Operetta Orchestra.

Having worked as a freelance music teacher preparing students for Trinity College School of Music, in 1987 after an official request he founded the Larnaka Municipal Wind Orchestra and in 1992 the Larnaka Municipal School of Music.

As a professional arranger and orchestrator he has produced a vast collection of projects which include orchestrations for band, small orchestra, various quartets and quintets as well as Big Band. Some of his work has been published by Philippos Nakas but he has also published two books entitled 'The Basic Rhythms in Percussion' and 'The band of drums and buggles'.

Since 1991 he is an official member of BASBWE - British Association of Symphonic Bands and Wind Ensembles.

As a profound expert of orchestration technique for wind bands, he often provides a unique musical signature within his arrangements, having as a result the successful performances of his works in both Cyprus and Greece.